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4:37 a.m. - July 17, 2003
Alot of Nothing
Thank the gods its payday. I am so sick ant tired of being broke. Highs and lows and right now I am at a financial low. No big tho...there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Last night was cool...I talked to my sis on the phone several times and every time my niece wanted to talk. (she is 5)She never wants to talk on the phone. I cant wait to go see her next month. Yep this time next month Ill be in the windy hell of Oklahoma. But I wil get to hang with the fam and thats cool.

Talked to Sass last night. She seems to be enjoying Misery (Missouri) pretty much. I hate conventions...had plenty of those in my day back in hotels. Icky. Im ready for her to come home tho. She did tell me she gave Z God some cash for her car YAY!!!! I cant stand her not having wheels and coming over. And next week she is gonna hafta come over and hang cuz I told her I was not going out til after the concert...well except to find her clothes.

I hafta call A today and tomorrow so he can tell me how the concert is...he is going to it tonight in Dallas...I did read reviews and it seems to be going well. Donnie Vie isnt singing with Enuff Z Nuff but if Monaco does a good job then I may go see them again at the Viper Room next month.

It sure feels good to be a bit more relaxed than I was the last couple of days. Maybe I can be more productive. Slave Driver is wicked cool...he is getting me paid for my days off in August even tho I am a week shy being elegible. Prolly a pretty good thing too cuz I need more money and it would suck to hafta go find a job back in the hotels. And I am not working two jobs no way.

Well its off to shower and back to the routine of happiness....whoopie



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