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5:19 p.m. - July 20, 2003
Sunday with D
Well its sunday evening..EARLY evening. Went to the pool with D today and then she and I went and got Yogurt. We made fun of people at the pool and gave people official "nick names". If you hear me refer to "Ringworm" well that is a guy I met the other night. And yea its cuz he looked like he had ringworm. D thought that was funny and so the name stuck. It is kinda funny...mean...but funny.

Have talked to Chad a few times. I thought he would come by today but I didnt hear from him. I had some calls from restricted numbers when I went to go get yogurt. I am sure it is him. But I dont know how to get in touch with him. Maybe Ill get up in the AM and head out to work and there he will be waiting at my garage. Wouldnt that be a trip?

Pretty uneventful weekend. D and I did go to Jaspers last night. Nothing earthquaking there. So I am gonna go chill and watch some tube. Maybe Ill get lucky and get a call from SOMEONE...hell prolly not. No big I'll prolly end up walking later with D when it cools off.

Sassy comes home today. I am glad. I feel like I havent seen her in forever. And I know she is gonna wanna see Big E first. Thats cool I just hope she doesnt forget I am out here.

Okay gonna go and watch TV...more later




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