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5:20 a.m. - July 23, 2003
Zero exciting to report. Cyclops and I watched prolly one of the best Law and Order episodes ever then the season premier of Nip/Tuck was on. It was pretty good and knowing my TV addict state I will prolly get hooked on it. Two of the characters on it were on shows I used to watch all the time. So see it has potential. It is gross tho makes me NOT want plastic surgery.

Three days till the concert. well tow if you dont count today. But the day has barely started so I count it.

Sis called yesterday Am to tell me the parentals were wiggin on where I am gonna stay when I come out next month. THIS is why I dont go home. These people make me nuts. I have no say so in what a get to do. However Sis came to my resuce and told the P's that I am not coming to see them OR her but going to see my niece...THERE YOU HAVE IT.

I had spoken with Chad night before last and told him in order to see me he needs to call me between 4 & 5. The dumb fuck calls at 9:30. NOT ANSWERING. Idiot. If he cant catch on to that he is really stupid. I had told him I get up early.

Oh on a funnier note...Had blind IM's from stupid men again uesterday. One guy was ASIAN (didnt read the ad) and he actually told me he looked like Tom Cruise. Yea and I am Oprah. Again, Stupid Stupid MEN.

I was debating on redying my hair and doing it pink and black. I think I am bored again thats all. But I did find a pic that was way cool. And a bunch of people thought it would work. Now there is one person that thinks I should go back to my natural color, wear less makeup and pull my hair back. THAT makes me cringe. Snowballs chance in hell that will ever happen. Me and Sis been blonde as long as I can remember. KEEPIN IT. PLuse the only color other than blonde that doesnt wash out OBVIOUSLY is pink. I am debating on just redoing the pink.

I got an email from a dude last week that I think I may go out with. He is YOUNG but cute. Has a House in Santa Ana and a boat on Havasu. He has been gone since last friday but he comes back today so we will see if he emails me. Ill call him Riverman. See where that ends up. I think he is too young for anything serious...but might be a good sack candidate since Cobbler is MIA.

Well I had best get my ass in gear.



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