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5:26 p.m. - July 23, 2003
Prepping for Date 3...***sigh**
So I have an invite to Stretch's tonight. I HAVE to go cuz he will get mad if I cancel and he is very temperamental...well aside from being a PIG.

I allowed Big E to analyze me and Stretch...he says that we like each other for more than we let on. What do I say? Pisshaw. I will not begin to like him he is annoying and mean. The only reason I am going is cuz I am bored and maybe next time he asks me over I will have my "list of reasons why I cant" better prepared.

I might like him if he talked about more than sex sex sex. Gets BORING.

So I have decided to wear "The Dress" to the concert. I was all up in the air with the whole thing but I took the selection to work and the crew picked the dres... So let it be written...So let it be done.

I did get a good potential from a guy on yahoo personals. Drives a Hummer. Has a Horse and a Harley. (likes things that begin with H?) Gonna refer to him as "Tommy". No return response yet...we will see.

Riverman should be back tonight...YAY...wanna see him sat night...Hopefully Scuba will come to the show friday..if big.

Well I guess I should get semi cute for tonights "date". I Should wear my flannels...but I need to look a bit appealing I suppose. Shit I hate that I am vain.


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