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5:22 a.m. - July 24, 2003
In the Groove
TWO DAYS LEFT!!! Am I gonna make it without freaking out? NO. YES. ha ha ha.

Okay so lasts night evening with Stretch was tolerable. was more than tolerable it was alright. We actually TALKED. He made mention of going to Pauls Pantry for breakfast. Well I brought up Pauls Pantry and he said he might like to do that. And he said that meant that it might mean spending more than a couple of hours with me. I asked him if he handle that...he said possibly. OH MY HEAD. No seriously, he can be cool when he wants to. And if we could get past the Dog and Pony Show it could be good. BUT it is annoying that he tells me about these gals he goes out on dates with and we just hang at his house. I dont get it. I am not awake enuf to analyze it. Whatever.

Talked to Tom and the phone on the way home last night. He has 2 horses and a boat too that he failed to mention (good toys). He is NOT a native californian but from the east coast and is geographically desireable. Teaches marshal arts. I didnt think that would pay well but I guess it does. Seems very laid back. I told him I would meet him for coffee. We will see when I hear from him again.

Not a word from Chad...I guess that is over. Prolly a good thing. The late calls and strangeness of his existance was a bit unsettling.

I am gonna ask slave driver if I can take a 1/2 day on friday. He may say yes he may say no. Either way its all good. I just cant wait til tomorrow night.

When you're in the groove,

When your body can't help but move,

And the rock and roll feels so smooth,

When you ain't got nothing left to prove.

You're in the groove.

****Damn I am in a good mood today.****

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