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6:25 p.m. - July 31, 2003
Will he show or NO?
Well I got a little time to kill so I thought I would update this evening since I been out of it a bit in the evenings. I been a busy gal.

Well work was work. What more is there to say about THAT?

Earlier I was determined on not going anywhere tonight...And I havent. I had thought it would be a normal evening but it isnt. CK messaged me today and wants to come over after he has dinner with a friend. I havent seen him since the "Big CK freak out" (see older entries)so I am a bit anxious...and not. I think it will be better than before cuz I know not to cross the line with him. FRIENDS...for now...thats it. I have missed him badly. I do find it kinda odd that I mention him this morning and then today he messages me. I dont call or message him. He hasta come to me...period. I still wonder everytime he says he will come over if he really will. And everytime he walks in the door my heart stops.

I ran a couple of errands after work nothing big. And now I am gonna lay on the Law and Order and wait for CSI to come on. No Goat tonight. No big tho..when I was there last weekend our tab was over 80 bucks. SHIT what happened to the cheap drinks guys?

Well I gotta freshen up and kick it...Update in the AM...caio



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