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8:54 p.m. - August 19, 2003
Monday and tuesday...
Well I got in at 2:30 on monday afternoon and can I tell ya what a great roomie I have? She picked me up with Red Bull and Diet Coke in hand. we went and ran a couple of errands and then had mega meal at Claim Jumper. About 10 pm Pop Tart called and I went over there to spend the night. It was great. I like sleeping over at his place he is so crazy but I do like him....ALOT.

I got up at Pop Tarts this am and spent a bit of time with him. He had stuff to do so I jammed to the house and did alot of I did get my film developed tho. Stretch is having a really bad time right now and above and beyond everything else he and I are friends so I went over to his place to give him the shot glass I got for him and let him vent a bit. I am glad he and I are buds. He is a pretty good guy.

I would love to go to Pop Tarts again tonight but he said his mom is there and that prolly isnt a great idea cuz he doesnt want her nosin in his biz and as anyone knows I am not the quietest person in the world..LOL.

So here I am at home getting ready for bed and gonna watch Nip/Tuck and pass out. I gotta get up early and clean a bit. Cobbler is in from Austrailia and he is gonna come by and say hello tomorrow'll be good to see him...So I am off for now and I will try to get back on track again her in the next few days....

I also gotta start looking for another job...cuz I am not liking mine right now...



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