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5:19 a.m. - September 15, 2003
Laziness and Old Age
I didnt really do shit yesterday. Well I waxed punkin (1/2 assed) and I went to the store. But for the most part I layed on my ass and watched TV. It was nice but I went thru the "Im so bored I thinkI am gonna die" phases thru out the day. No big I survived. The point is tho is that I am dead ass tired. i think that layin around makes me tired. Maybe I'll walk tonight. Or not. Who the hell knows.

Cyclops worked for the majority of the day. But when she got home she was hanging out in my room, which isnt really normal. Something is up. I dont think it is anything BAD I just think something is up. She is going on a road trip to Laughlin this weekend. It'll do her good to get away.

Talked to Rica last night. She is moving to Laguna this weekend. That kinda sux cuz I like her close but its all about a happy environement. So whatever works. I wish I had another room and she could live here. we are going to some newport thing sat and I think to hear the band play friday night. Plans are tentative tho. We are playing it by ear.

Other than Rica I didnt talk to ANYONE yesterday. My phone didnt ring. I was freakin. Oh well I'll let that go. I am sure the masses were tired and I wasnt gonna be avail. for anything so whatever.

This age thing has kicked in a bit over the last few days. I felt really old sat night. Maybe sister is right that I cant be young forever. But I'll be damned if I am ready to get turned out to pasture. FUCK THAT!

Okay well time to uncap another week. I just gonna go do whatever it is I do and stuff. So heres to another week breathin! Whoopie!


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