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5:08 a.m. - September 17, 2003
Tempted Peach and Ebay
I dyed my hair "Tempted Peach" last night. And to my amazement Cyclops LIKED it. I think I was having a mental day...well and a bad hair day as well. I was on the tele with the sister on the way home and she was looking for a new hair color. I told her I had seen this color at the store when I went in the other day. She was looking for it but I guess it is too sassy for Oklahoma and they didnt have it. So like a retard I went to Savon and bought it. Moment of weakness number ONE...

Whats number two? EBAY...I did it again and was on Ebay buyin CRAP...Lets see..a Plastic butter dish with a flamingo on it. A retro lamp, a smoking monkey oil painting, another swag lamp, a satin jacket, and a Mr. Naugahyde Monster doll (dont ask). Comes down to far...about 107.00 worth of shit I really dont need. I was up late looking for a 1970's Pole lamp. F R E A K.

Here is what REALLY burns my ass. I see this shit on EBay...and it is shit we had when we were growing up. And the Parentals THREW IT OUT. For Example: I had this stupid little wooden monkey. It had nails in its shoulders and hips so its arms and legs could move and a swivel head and cupped hands and feet so you could hang it places. There was NO purpose for this toy. It was about 8" tall and All I really remember was having it on the street where I grew up and not really giving a shit about it. I accidentally stumbled across a collector of these stupid monkeys... DUDE they are DANISH and worth 85.00 EACH...UN-FUCKING BELIEVEABLE.

It felt good to stay home last night and with me having a long weekend planned...well I think tonight and tomorrow night will be stay homes also.

When I got to work yesterday my cell rang...OH IT WAS SJ...the guy is a DOLL. I learn so much more about him everyday. Great to talk to him. ***stupid grin***

So Paco performed for Cyclops last night. He did his "Buttercup" routine. TWICE. He is so fuckin cool it is just scary. I never knew I could feel so good about something and let me tell ya this bird is a reward in my life. It may sound stupid to someone who has never had a bird or doesnt "know" Paco. But let me just tell you....I love him and Harley Bookins soooooo much. They make my life a happy place.

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