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5:42 a.m. - September 23, 2003
Stretch, Foo Ball and My Rockstar
Monday Night Foo Ball...Radiers and Denver...the question is WHERE THE FUCK WERE THE RAIDERS??? I think maybe the Girl Scouts were feeling sorry for them and earned a badge by scoring the 10 points FOR THEM. Shit talk about humiliating. The only way it coulda been worse was if DALLAS had beat them.

Damn glad I am not a Raiders fan. GO VIKINGS!!!!

Stretch is tho. he came over last night to have dinner and watch the game with me. He was in a pleasantly good mood. He needs to stop eating crap tho I think he has an ulcer. The key to Stretch? DO what he wants and he is cool...but if things dont go hs way, well Brimstone and Hellfire...So we have kinda come to a meeting of the minds...I think we are cool for at least a week...I am sure I'll piss him off again. Anyway according to him I am "Not Girlfriend Material" WATEBBA

Talked to SJ yesterday. I was busy at the Orangewood Facility and didnt message him and I guess he started wondering what was up. So I talked to him alot and he 'splained his distance last friday..(people he never gets to see that only go to YL to hear them play). I think he is gonna come see me on thursday...and I am gonna go see them on Friday. He also said he would watch foo ball with me in 3 weeks...Odd but hey Ill take what I can get... sheesh. (still digging him hard core).

So I am back at my office today. Thank the gods. I am so tired I just wanna sleep for days. Well it is time to get rollin...Ill write more between catchin shows tonight...I do hafta exile hamsters to Petco tonight too....YIKES...Caio

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