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5:24 a.m. - September 25, 2003
Dont Make Me Go To Work!!
Today is Slave Drivers birthday. So that means we go to Hooters for lunch. Thats cool. I dont wanna work so it should make the day breeze by. (one can only wish damn).

This has got to be the slowest week in the history of history. I NEED the weekend so bad. Not that there is alot of really cool stuff planned but I just need to shake this shit off. I feel stagnant and work (as you read in the past entries) is making me nuts. However, since I have had a little time to calm down I realize that I prolly let things get to me to much. BUT...I try to be organized and this place is anything but that, So what I am gonna do is from now on just do what they tell me and if someone contradicts themself or if two people tell me two different things well...I am calling them out. And in the mean time I am looking for a new job. I got great hours here but I am to the point where bartending looks pretty good again...

Stretch had his date with the "girl of his dreams" last night. part of me hopes she is yukky. I know how this net dating shit goes. No one is as good as they "sell" themselves. And knowing him he will pick her apart. But I honestly dont wanna hear if she is fucking "Cinderella". And for some reason I think she prolly is. Well at least in his head. The only reason I think that is cuz he didnt log on at all last night and he was gonna play tennis then go out with her. Maybe she will say or do something shallow and it'll piss him off. Or maybe she will cancel again. I still think I should just fade out from his circle. Its prolly better that way and he can do whatever it is he needs to do. He makes me crazy anyway.

We have "house guests" today. Cyclops' friend and his kid are here and I need to wander around the house. I cant cuz they will wanna talk and I am not awake enuf for a non-stimulating convo with this guy right now. So I am gonna go take a shower and get the fuck outta here. Gonna find some lyrics first for today tho...


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