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7:58 a.m. - September 28, 2003
Sleepin all Day & Football
I did it again...I slept all day yesterday...what a bum. I guess the reason is cuz I didnt get in til 3am...WHATS UP WITH THAT? I guess I was having fun.

Me,D,Rica and Cyclops went to JT Schmids to see SJ's band play friday night. It was great. They played really great and it was outside to boot. I love hanging outside. I knew D wouldnt stay long. She left after the first set. Getting her out and sitting still is a stretch. I miss her but I cant figger out what it is she likes to do. I guess she is in a wierd place in her life right now. Cyclops on the other hand was fine and then started freaking. I guess she was out of her element. She said she felt uncomfortable. I dont like it when she gets like that. But I know how she felt. I felt the same way at Josh Slocums. Just outta place. It wasnt my scene. I guess this wasnt hers...well I love her for going anyways.

We did the shuffle again...left without saying bye. I guess it got SJ's attention cuz he called and text messaged me. We will see.

Rica and I headed down to HB to a bar called "Fitzgeralds" to meet a guy I met on the net and his buddy. The 4 of us then proceeded to the Goat and closed the place down. My guy was feelin this flu shit that is comin on so he was a bit mellow...Rica hit it off big time with his friend..thats cool except he is married, whoops..sepparated...I figgered that my guy wasnt interested in me but he mentioned the 4 of us going out again...Ill wait for him to call. I am not gonna hold my breath.

Anyways we got in at 230 and SJ called and I talked to him on the tele till 4am...YIKES...but it was good. Then I finally passed out and dammed if the burds didnt get me up 3 hours later. I guess I was wicked tired cuz I passed back out and didnt shower til 9pm.

So now here I am face on into Sunday...I am headed to Corner Office to watch the Vikings play the 49ers. This guy is gonna come watch the game with me. He seems nice enough so we will see what happens. I do wish SJ was available but in a few weeks I hope. In the mean time I am gonna meet a new guy and enjoy his company, good football and yummy burgers...


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