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5:19 a.m. - October 01, 2003
Bike night with SJ
I had the best time last night. I went to bike night at Signal Hill with SJ...he took me to some wicked cool look out spots, then we went to the bar and hung out with alot of bikers and had a beer. We stuck around for a couple of hours talking and stuff. Then we went to HB and stopped at Starbucks for a coffee. The man is awesome. It came outta no where yesterday, I got a text message from him an he asked me to go. Now I am totally pumped about the Kiss/Aerosmith show in a few weeks. He even wants to rent a luxury car to go to the show in...fuckin COOL!!!

I am still sick. I actually prolly had no biznez on the bike last night but I think this shit woulda gotten worse whether I had gone or not. It is settling in my head and it is KILLING me. I need to stay home and sleep but I think slave driver would kill me if I did.

Speaking of work...I think I Am moving to our other facility. I want outta there with the two broads that bug me. I feel alot more productive and like I am actually doing something over at this other place. I hope he les me stay here. I been here all week.

well I am gonna shower and try to pull it all together. Hopefully that will make me feel better. I can tell you this tho...I am coming home and going straight to bed...PERIOD. Well unless you know who calls and needs me.


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