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4:08 a.m. - October 21, 2003
Ringy Dingy from a Ding-A-Ling
Damn its tuesday. I didnt do alot last night. Went and picked up a few halloween costume accessories. I am going to Jill's after work to hang and look at what we got. I gotta get it together before I go off to work as I am going to take it all with me so we can look together at what we have.

So here is a shocker...I got a text message from Pop Tart last night. He musta noticed that I took my Yahoo Ad off. I typed a reply like 100 times and then erased it each time. That guy put me thru shit and the whole..."your friends are calling and hanging up" crap was just more than I could bear. I figgered that when I told him "yea your right, I gave all my friends a roll of quarters and your phone number and told them to stop only at payphones near my house, call you and hang up". That was the end of it. He is Loony Tunes. Bi-Polar, Bi-Polar, Bi-Polar. Ya know he did break me out of the "twitch" tho and I do owe him for that, Cuz if I was still "twitchin" prolly woulda blown SJ off. However I dont see SJ enough to "twitch". I would like to talk to him (Pop Tart)but I dont need more drama in my life. I have enuf for a Seven Nation Army...HA!

Oh and here is another oddity...I emailed Scuba yesterday morning just to let him know that I wasnt gonna be seeing him this coming weekend...cuz he doesnt take no for an answer easy...and you know it isnt like it is a big deal...we discussed us being "an item" and it wasnt and isnt an option. So I sent him the "Im sorry but I hafta say no" email and guess what??? Not a word from him...guess I really did make the right decsion. It musta been a real kick in the pants for him to get me to leave my plans (with friends or a date) and come see him after wards. Well I as much as I do really care about him, for now and hopefully a long time its done...I just cant. As long as SJ is in the picture there will not be any extra curriculars.

Well I dont think there is much more exciting news to share...Just another week passing by. I know I need lyrics but nothing has hit me really that is post worthy. I am ready for saturday thats for sure. Its gonna be fun dressing up and going to see the band. They are all dressing up too...Oh I need to call Britt... I cant let myself forget to do that...

Well off to wash...Oh and rev up for the Season finale of Nip/Tuck!!!!

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