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5:31 a.m. - October 23, 2003
Boring Blabber
Paco's foot was bleedng a little last night. Kinda scared me. It must be sore cuz he is holding it up. I gotta get his nails and beak trimmed. I think he mighta bit himself when he was eating yesterday. He threw a tissy when I went to put him in the den yesterday. I havent handled him enuf lately. I am gonna make him stay in the den tonight while Cyclops and I work on my costume again. have a said lately how cool my birds really are?

I am chillin tonight. I am gonna try to match the color of my pony tails again and shit like that . I wanna wear a long one for saturday. But I have jacked with my hair so much it is almost white. I gotta put color back in it. Thank the gods the pink is almost gone...geez.

Well I havent had any late night calls for the last few days. I guess thats good. I feel bad for a couple of things. But I do go to bed early and have alot going on in my life too. SJ did call last night on his way home with his son. But we got interrupted by a call on his end. He didt call back but I was tied up in the tele with Jill. I hope all is well. I a sure I'll talk to him tonight.

Jill asked me to come over friday night and watch movies and hot tub...I think I may just hafta do that. My car was actin funny for the last couple of days....fucking BRAKES...I was out of brake fluid. WHAT THE HELL??? I have jacked with those brakes so much tho and I didnt check that. Okay sometimes I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. HA!

So another wake up ritual comes to a close as I head to shower...more manana...

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