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5:45 a.m. - October 28, 2003
Yesterday was UBER-BORING. Well for the most part. I went by and saw my friend Britt at her work for about an hour. Totally busted cuz the keyboard player from SJ's band was there. I told her to tell him that I WAS NOT there seeing where he practices, but that she invited me. I am concerned that SJ will think I am stalking. EGAD.

Other than that It was all about laundry. My phone didnt ring all night. I didnt talk to SJ at all and he didnt reply to my text messages. Which is odd for him even if he was shining me on. I am sure something was up. He wasnt online all day either so maybe he was in meetings or what not. We will see.

Last week Slave Driver hung up on me at work. It is a long and stupid story...but to go straight to the end...I am NOT talking to him til he apologizes.

Well thats about it for today I guess. Rica may come by tonight. I dont know if I am really in the mood for company. But that may change by the end of the day. Oh and may I add I am so SICK of the ash in the air and all over my car and house. Fuckin Fires.

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