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4:16 a.m. - October 29, 2003
Squeaky Brakes BEGONE!!
Well I didnt add from last nights post that I flipping hadta do a Geeraj event again last night. Those GODDAMMED BRAKES on my car were at it again. I gooped them up pretty good. I mighta needed a little car therapy...but now I have third degree burns on one finger (from grabbing a hot lightbulb) and latex stains all over my hands from that blue goo.

Jill called on her way home from her date last night with the guy she met at Corner Office. I think she is dumping me on friday night for him. Which is fine BUT...that only happens once. If she does I wont ask her to go out with me again EVER. I dont take to kindly being ditched for a guy. It isnt the first time it has happened. And I know before I was guilty of doing it from time to time with the Jew...But there is no reason why he couldnt come along with us. Oh well I am goin out friday regardless and anyway I got other friends there...Marta and Britt will be there so I am not worried about it. We did decide not to dress up this week which is okay by me.

Its pretty funny to me...this guy and Jill. She isnt even divorced yet and is willing to just chuck it all for this guy she has known a few days. Yea I am NUTS-O-RAMA for Sj...but I am discovering that taking it slow isnt all that bad. Nothing I ever rushed into has worked. However I can see where guys would wanna try to nail down Jill, she looks like a Barbie so its kinda a "see who can get her first" thing. I am insecure in my own wierd liddle ways but I know I can be alone and it isnt a problem. I just want a guy to dig me for me first and how I look possibly further down on the list. I guess being "california beautiful" isnt all its cracked up to be. Well at least that is the way it seems from this point of view. Now not that I think I Am a DOG..but I am one of the only gals in the group that isnt silicone enhanced...but hey in Texas everything is bigger...I like my realness...

And on that note I am gonna go try to wake up. I am tired as hell and I know that Slave Drive will show his face sooner or later...I still am not talking to him since he hung up on me. FUCKER.

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