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5:15 a.m. - December 10, 2003
Have I Mentioned I Hate My Job?
I hate my job. I do. Yesterday Slave Driver flew off the handle at me. All I was trying to do was help and he just went ape shit. Everyone talks 'procedure procedure procedure' but nothing actually follows the fucking procedure. I know I have ranted on this before but GAWD. If I didnt need the money I would have walked out yesterday. Fuck It! I have started bringing my shit home tho. Lets see if they notice.

I am supposed to go to lunch with Phillip today. He seems pretty aight. He works just down the street. I hate going to lunch with people and I may see if he and I can cancel til later on this weekend.

I am going out with Kurt tonight. Damn my dance card is full. Last night I talked on the tele for 2 hours with Reeky (okay lets name him...Rick). He is gonna try to come see me before he goes out of town this weekend. I was supposed to meet with SJ and Britt yesterday but Britt couldnt make it and we rescheduled til tomorrow. So I guess I am meeting Kurt early tonight to play it safe and get my ass home. I am really diggin Rick...would like to see that happen full time but who knows. It does make me sad that me and SJ didnt work out like I wanted but hell he is in my life and that is all that matters at this point I think.

So I am off to endure another day in the hell dimension I call work. I gotta put all my shit on disc and get it off that computer. They gave Alex a promotion and are gonna hire a few more people. Well that just tells me I am on my way out the door. I hate this place. I think I am gonna call Onsite and get out of here.

Okay enuf of that. I am gonna think about the good stuff and not focus on the OBVIOUS. In the mean time I got a couple of great guys hanging around AND I get to go home for the holidays...For That...Life is good!

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