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4:56 a.m. - December 16, 2003
Bad Bad Back
My back is out. I mean seriously. I dont think it has hust like this in forever. Sista said it may be becuz I slept in clothes the other night. Could be true I do remember getting all twisted up and unable to get comfy. I am taking my heating pad with me to work.

Kurt came over last night and rubbed my back for me. He is really sweet and the fact that he still wants to hang after the friday night thing shocks me. I figgered after all he read in the diary he wouldnt. However, he says he read the whole thing but I guess he missed the part where I talked about religion and Brenni and that whole bunch of hoopla. Makes me wonder. Oh well no sense in dwelling.

Talked to Rick for a bit yesterday. I dont know how all that is gonna go. He hooked up when he was in Sandy Egoo with some really OLD woman. I dont know how I feel about that but I dont think I'll call him. I know we arent dating but I dont think I really wanna be with him if he is doing that. I need to take things a bit more seriously. He may have just told me that shit to get me to go away. May have worked.

Well nothing major to report today. So I am off to clean up...toodles.

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