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6:53 p.m. - December 20, 2003
Comin Clean with The Rockstar
I usually dont write on saturdays but today some things happened I need to get down.

First let me start with the Vikings clenching a place in the playoffs. They defeated the Chiefs 45-20 today...YAY!!!!

SJ called me today a bit askew. He had to talk to me becuz aparantly he had a run in with a couple of chix he's been seein. Seems they started comparing notes. was come clean time with he and I and I actually think it brought us closer together. He told me he knew I dated other people and I told him I new he had been dating. We both admitted that we were ever gonna be anything more than best buds and biz partners. And thank goodness for that talk cuz now I feel so much better and it made things alot less complicated in my life. I told him all about Kurt and I am thinking that maybe one day soon I can take him out to meet SJ. If he is ready.

So I am getting closer to figgering it all out. I am finished with all my christmas shopping and am mostly packed. I am ready for the big trip and ready to make next year a great one.

Kurt and I are talking about takeing off to Mexico for my birthday and SJ and I are celebrating ours together on the 9th or 10th. If I wasnt gonna be alone for New Years Eve I would say this year is looking up.



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