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5:07 a.m. - December 31, 2003
New Years Eve
Well New Years Eve is upon us. Time to reflect back and think ahead and all that bullshit. All I truly know is that I am off work tomorrow and that is good. I guess I need to think of my new years resolutions and all that jazz..I'll make that an entry all its own later.

Kurt and I went to have dinner last night at Habana and then back to my house to watch tv. He is so awesome. I so enjoy being around him. Tonight we are gonna be together I just dont know what we are gonna do. I know prolly keep it low key thats for sure.

Rick called yesterday. I didnt call him back. I prolly should but I wanna focus on other things right now. And honestly I wasnt in the mood for the banter yesterday.

SJ is having a get together at his house tomorrow and invited me to come. I prolly wont go unless I end up with nothing to do. I hardly think that will happen tho. The band is playing at the Harp this weekend and we (me and SJ) are celebrating our birthdays at Hurricanes next saturday.

Well I gotta get the show on the road and get outta here. Maybe ill get to leave early. I also gotta look up stuff for Mexico for the 16th.



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