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5:05 a.m. - January 02, 2004
Another Pal for Moi
Funny the way things go...and I must say I love it when I am suprised.

There is this gal that runs around with the band...Chantel. I didnt really know her well and for some odd reason I never gave her too much of a second thought. Well I found out last night she is A+.

Yesterday after the BS with whats his face I went with cyclops to lunch and had a Hurricane and caught a good buzz. Then D called and she and I went to the Goat. I hadnt been there in 7 months can you believe THAT?

Well when I was going to go out on NYE I had called Chantel to see if she was going and if she was going stag. She called and said she wasnt going to Taps but she was having a party on Saturday. I told her she could borrow a disco ball I have and that if she called me Thursday I would bring it over. Well long story short she ended up going with me over to SJ's to hang out for an hour or two then we went to the Goat and talked for about an hour. She is really cool..YAY new friend for me.

I like it when stuff like that happens. Counter balances the crap from people like Kurt.

So here is the 'plan' for the weekend. Tonight its the Harp. The band is playing. Then tomorrow night is Chantels party...very cool. Chantel is going with me tonight and Britt is going tomorrow.

I had been thinking about my birthday and going to Mammoth and I am thinking I may just say fuck it and not go anywhere, take the day off and hope for something fun to happen. If I do that I can take that hundo or two and go on a shopping spree for myself. Ya know I am not so into the snow. I am still really bummed about Mexico. I was so looking forward to that.

I havent heard from Jill in 2 days...lets keep track of how long it takes her to call me. I dont like playing games or being vicious but I dont think I will accept any calls from her for a bit. I dont like the way she is treating me.

Rick did call a couple of times yesterday. I am gonna be patient with him, he is wicked busy...I am over the whole 'hook up in sandy eggo' thing. Shit I am so bad for thinking it is okay for me but not for him...HOWEVER I didnt sleep wth Kurt.

Oh and also I do think that the fact that Kurt has this big ass car means that he is over accomodating for SOMETHING...maybe not penis size but more of the fact that he is a wimp and that makes him feel tougher. Its prolly best he is gone. He was a bit neurotic and even AFTER he knew I thought he yapped to much he still kept on Yapping. Hell one night he picked me up and we were going to dinner in Huntington and from the time I got in the car to the time we got there he NEVER shut up.

Well like Brandy says..."The best way to get over one man is to get under another"



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