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5:14 a.m. - January 19, 2004
2 yrs to 40
Another weekend has blown by...and another year. Its official I am 38. Its not so bad tho, I am over it for the most part.

I didnt write about saturday yet cuz I didnt get in til 4am on sunday. WHICH if anyone knows me is aware that I would sleep all day on sunday for the most part to catch up with my sleep. I did go tan and have dinner with D for my birthday. That was nice.

Chantel, Hylie and I ended up going to LA and hanging with Chantels mom and her 'friends'. Honestly things woulda been alot more fun if it had just been me and Chantel. Possibly Hylie but she wont dance.

I am not going into the details of the night but I will sum it up here...

Went to LA...had a limo, walked right past the line and went into Barfly, spent the evening there...

Highlights: Getting the limo was cool and getting to go to Barfly was cool, Dancing was okay. I did realize that people in OC are alot nicer than LA...Oh and I did have some guy come and ask me is he could do a line of coke off my ass...GOOD ONE! Fuckin Foreigners.

Lowlights: I get completely unnerved with Chantels mom. She tries so hard to be the center of attention and wants to be an LA society person...when deep down all she really resonates is a step up from WT. Her daughter has 1000 times more class than she does. Andre...the guy that footed the bill for the night...just plain NASTY and a rapist. He went in a room where a 20 yr old was passed out and had sex with this poor girl and came out of the room with JIZZ all over his pants. Man he was sick. Oh and chasing the limo around LA for an hour to get my camera and Hylies charger...

All in all my birthday wasnt so aweful...I got some cool stuff and tonight I am going out with SJ and tomorrow I get tats and wednesday I am gonna see R...SO I think the week will be decent. Maybe Ill do the stereo thing this weekend...In the mean time...Off to the grind...


Oh another footnote: I still havent had sex yet! I dont know if that is good or bad but I feel alright with it...YAY for me.



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