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5:12 a.m. - January 22, 2004
Tattoo ME!
Fucking OUCH! Thats all I can say. I have gotten 7 tats up to yesterday but they have all been small this and that here and there...But yesterday I took the plunge and got big work done...2 HOURS in the chair getting my lower back carved on...FUCK...

SO where my shark and my waves are...coming out of rod flames...EGAD its big...Its pretty but BIG. I can tell ya mom would shit.

It is taking a little getting used to, but hell so did the shark. I am sure I will dig it when I get past all the ouchy-ness and the new had worn out.

I am running wicked late so I gotta get it together and I do need to update on new goings on...but Ill do it tonight or tomorrow. I overslept ya see. LOL...and I gotta wash this billboard on my back...UGH...he he ..I love it



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