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6:00 a.m. - February 17, 2004
Pop Goes the Weasel
I cant figger some people out at all. I fucking had text message marathon with Pop Tart again last night. The guy just never stops. I thought after the last time he woulda moved on. I can not figger him out. He did leave me a message and he seemed a little more mellow. BUT... I still have yet to talk to him. I guess I am a glutton for punishment or something. The general concensus is he is mental. But we did get along good when we werent FIGHTING!

I told him to call me today...He wont. Im not gonna fret over it.

The next question is why are my friends all abunch of jackholes? I have asked a bunch of them to go with me to see PBF and they wont even think about it. I NEED A NEW GROUP OF FRIENDS!!! This shit is killing me. Fuck if one of them asked me to go to a concert, and they were paying, and even if it was a band I wasnt sure of I would give it a shot. I hate people sometimes. So fuck it I am goin alone, so far. I wouldnt mind taking a guy BUT...isnt that kinda defeating the purpose...well unless it is Fixx then all the better cuz he has a little more than 1/2 a clue. He wasnt online yesterday...I am hoping he is getting his shit done.

I gotta call the lawyer today. I need my money. I gotta get punkin in the shop NOW.

I think my level of fun has dropped to the very bottom of the barrel recently. No one wants to do anything. I am kinda burned out on SJ and the band. I go everytime and see the same people and hear the same songs. Hell you mention that you would like them to learn something new and they Ill wait and not go for a bit. Like I told Chantel last night I need to do a little more for me. In the mean time I gotta get my courage up to go out alone. She is getting back together with her ex so she is gonna be out of the picture pretty soon I am sure. No big. Britt cant go anywhere without fuck that. I am totally over it.

I have made a few new friends on the PBF website. So we shall see what happens on there between now and then I guess.

Okay well I gotta get my ass in gear...Ill write more later...



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