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4:43 a.m. - February 25, 2004
No its MY Money!
Assinine....Thats the way Moc acted all day yesterday..

Isnt it funny when you come into a little bit if cash people come out of the wood work to become your 'friend'. I shoulda seen thru him but I thought he was above it. He has been rubbing my shoulders for a week...damn I am blind...

He hit me up last friday to borrow 800 bux to pay for a ticket he got. He told me he would pay me when he got his income taxes. I thought "why didntcha efile for a rapid refund if you needed this money so bad?" HMMM...Cuz he is a money grubber and didnt wanna pay a couple of hundred to walk away with a check for 2 grand..stupid stupid stpid...

Well I told him last week I didnt know...Of course it is MY money and I wanted a stereo and window tint...Then he hit me up monday and I told him I wasnt sure cuz I hadta take Punkin to get body work and painted. Well when I came in yesterday he asked again and I told him possibly after I get punkin out..But I dont wanna spend too much since I gotta pay dude cash for her. Well he goes stinking outer limits and starts being all mean to me.

It came to the forefront that he is probably the most selfish, selfcentered person I have ever met. Shit he did the same thing with the schedule change. All cuz HE doesnt wanna deal with traffic so I get the later shift. And when I asked him if we could switch after 3 or 6 months he flat out said NO. Fuck him. I shoulda told him only if he gives up the early shift will I loan him a plug nickel.

Anyway he made work miserable cuz he didnt talk to me at all...Like I am gonna put myself short cuz HE didnt plan ahead? I dont think so. And even if I was gonna get the money to loan him...I aint now. So here is all I have to say to him:

Okay now to the fun....I got Gina hooked on My Space and we are going to the My Space bash at the Key Club Saturday...What FUN! We arent even tellin anyone else about it..Screw em. Its OUR fun. I have talked to some wicked cool people on there and hopefully I will get to meet them this weekend.

I am hookin rides with Soy Boy this week so I dont hafta rent a car. He rocks. But on that note I prolly need to go take a shower.




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