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5:55 a.m. - March 03, 2004
Wild Weekend Windup
Well the day of the concert approacheth...Yea PBF is tomorrow night...AND I getta see Jeff...what a great combo. Its gonna be FUN!

Looks like the weekend my be shaping up to be uber-fab. I have friday off so that means I can actually party like a Rock Star thursday AND Jeff said for me to stay over in LA...ahhh the thought of that is delightful.

Friday Michael and his mom will be here so he can get all moved in. I am so excited about him. He is a sweetie and I think a totally great edition to the house.

Sometime Saturday Rica is supposed to come get her stuff. I think I really made her mad cuz I told her now or it is in the dumpster. I am sick of it being here. ANd the fact that she manipulated me really makes me mad...But whatever.

Saturday Night is bowling. Looks like all the gang is gonna go to Lucky Strike at the Block. Should be fun. Gotta cut my nails...THAT sux but its only temporary.

SUnday maybe just a day with Jeff then of course...LIQUID LOUNGE!!! Chantelly wants to go so itll be fun!!!

Moc STILL isnt talk ing to me and SLave Driver was over yesterday and he noticed. I told him I didnt care and was totally over it. Work itsself out? HA! He is gonna hafta deal with a hissing viper when he is 'over it'.

Okay I gotta shower...Got a couple of stops to make this am...




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