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4:17 p.m. - March 10, 2004
Just anotha Wednesday
Well here I am at work updating again and the chances are pretty good I could get busted. Do I care? NAW.

Boss come in today and said that he was basically fed up with me and Moc not talking. I told him I didnt start this and I wasnt gonna fininsh it. That Moc needs to start talking to me. FUCKER. Boss thinks he can shake me up by tellingme that the big boss' are noticing and that I am onthe radar...ummmm...DONT CARE.

Jeff came over last night and tuned Torchy and played it a bit. Fuckin cool geetar. I am glad I broke down and got it.

I am so glad I met him..He is UBER-FAB. Makes me smile alot and is a great snuggler. I am so lucky. And how sweet is this..He drives to see me from Hollywierd. I really like him alot and I wanna be with him gfor a long long time. Would be nice to finally settle down.

So I think I am fixin to leave this hell pit and head home. Needta figger out what to get for Dinner...I dont now if the man is coming over tonight ... either way i gotsta do laundry and crap..may skip tanning...or may not...see how I feel.

This weekend is gonna be non eventful really i think...I am gonna go to Tuscany to see SJ play and intorduce Jeff to the boyz...Im gonna let Mark and James play my geetar too...

I emailed Chad in PBF to ask him if he would play my geetar next weekend...will see if he has time to write back.

Okay guys and gals imma outta here...gonna shut down hell and roll.



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