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6:42 a.m. - March 16, 2004
29 days
I have a fuckin sinus infection. I went to work yesterday feelin like hammered shit while Jeff stayed home at my house and slept til the crack of noon....then..............

He hopped online in the afternoon and said we needed to talk. I FUCKIN HATE THAT SHIT...

Long story short? His lesbian stripper roommate is in REALITY his 'soon to be' ex wife. Oh NOW my head hurts...Cuz not only do I not date married men but I spent the night at his house when she was there. FUCKED UP.

So I came home and he and I had a sit down and I told him how I was pissed he lied to me...pissed I had let him meet all my friends...pissed I felt like a fool and just all around pissed. He told me he had met a girl a while back and told her the thruth and she told him she couldnt see him...and that he wanted to see if things with us would work before he told me the whole story..and he said that if I dumped him he would understand. Unfortunately I like the jackass...And I have called and talked to her...and stayed there when she was here is the conditions...(uya know cuz it took balls for him to come clean) And he did say that he coulda said nothing and just come down and fucked e on the weekends...and when she moves out no one is none the wiser...true he didnt hafta tell me.

So I told him:

#1 I am going out with the gurls this weekend...well Gina to see PBF...

#2 He has 30 days to get her out and I dont care how much money she owes him...The bills aint getting any less with her there. If she isnt out completely in 30 days...then I am gone. Period. I think 30 days is a big window but I am nice like that.

We will see wont we??

Okay I gotta get ready for hell..I need gas and cold meds...and of course I am late as all hell.



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