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2:45 p.m. - April 12, 2004
New Friends and Easter Fun
I guess I should update from my Easter filibuster....

Well lets start by restating that I didnt go out friday or saturday. And that wasnt a big deal til I couldnt get ahold of Gina all day on sunday. Finally I get a text message from her saying that she is mad at me cuz all I wanna do is fuck where in the hell did that come from? One guess...Chantel...Okay that shit stops right now...and for the record Gina and I are fine as frog hair now.

So I met this guy Matt on saturday online and he wanted me to go out with him and his friends. I saw his pics and was a bit apprehensive with just going to LA with a bunch of rascallions...and I was pissy.

So anyways he called on sunday and wanted me to come over then go to the beach and hang I said okay what the hell...

So I went and had the time of my life with these three great guys....They were so nice to me and we just hung out like we had known each other all our lives. So after Gina and I worked out our BS...We all met at liquid lounge (of course) to dance and drink the night away.

I swear that everytime we go there we have more and more fun. Its insane...Our favorite bat Caver was there and the music was perfect. I am so glad that things are great between me and G and that I met some uber-fab new friends...

Allow me (until my photos are developed) to introduce you to 13 Step ...or...Matt,


and Little Shawn....

keep your eyes peeled for them to start playing out pretty soon...they ROCK and you know I'll be there!!!




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