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6:02 a.m. - April 21, 2004
Bye Stephen you IDIOT!
Peeps are sick of my


Okay must rant about stupid men. Well One inparticular...I have mentioned "Stephen". The guy that Gina sees on occation...WELL...I decided last week I didnt like him...I dont think I am gonna haft a worry about it anymore cuz he did it to himself...

Sunday before last at the bar he tells me to back off and let him and Gina have time alone...DOOD...YOU SEE HER WAY MORE THAN ME! I mean how much more time does he need? Damn gal cant even shit without him followin her to the bathroom and guarding the door...

Then last friday, ya know, G and I went out bar hoppin with the boys and Stephen and her were planning on going to Mexico for a couple of days on saturday...

She told him she was going out with me friday cuz ya know..

A. She wouldnt see me for a few days (and she loves me)

B. I had a really bad day

Well he keeps calling and calling and being a jerk so our evening was called to a quick halt to shut him up and she went there...ugh...I wanted to barf.

Well I decided over the weekend while she was gone I wasnt gonna pressure her..and I would give her to him and back off per request...I told her..she said 'NO DONT!'

Well day passes and on my way home she calls me pissed to high hell...dammit if he didnt go to her house and was waiting for her to come home...AND he preimpted the convo with her with "Don't be Mad okay?". Anyone that starts a convo that way must KNOW youre gonna be pissed off yea? He lives over an hour and a half away without traffic...Well she had a talk with him about 'entrapment' and 'cornering' and the 'pop-in' that and told him she was pissed and told him to leave and he DIDNT...he doesnt clue in easy.

Okay well she ended up kickin him out. Long story short...the last time we talked she was gonna call and tell him she didnt wanna see him anymore. She said she wouls call me when she got off the tele with him but she didnt...I hope she didnt lose her nerve.

I did tell her tho that I did not want him out with us this weekend and that is he ruined this weekend for me I would make him eat his own testicles. He has stalker qualities just like Jeff...Ugh...where do we get these freaks????

So its hump day..I get paid tomorrow ...finally...I talked to Z Mark last night..he has a hub for me and he is only gonna charge me 40 bux for it. NICE!!! I do gotta design him a logo for his shop.

Im ready for the weekend!!!



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