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5:50 a.m. - April 23, 2004
Evul Abounds
Chantel Must Die

Thats all there is to it. She is a level of evul that must be destroyed before it grows, festers and infects more people...Ya know...Like cancer...But worse.

Back on Easter she fucked with me and Gina. I dont know how much into it I got... I would hafta go back and read but she talked Gina into hanging at her house instead of going out with me and then filled Ginas head full of CRAP and caused big issue with me and G. Luckily G and I are really good friends and got past it...saw the evul and decided to not let it happen again...well guess what...EVUL ABOUNDS

Here is why...

EVERYONE...even people I dont really know are aware of my passion for my car...AND...these same people know that I have the Nationals this weekend. Its all I fuckin talk about.

Okay well...there is this spastic annoying ASIAN chick named Jen...she bugs me to no end. I mean I want to take a bat to her melon everytime I am around her...BUT..since she is Sammys friend I deal...cuz ya know...

Well this weekend is Jens birthday. At the Canyon in they are having her "party".

#1 I hate the Canyon Inn

#2 Not so fond of Jen

#3 Gotta get ready for the show.

Chantel will NOT let me be. I told her once if I have told her a million times I AM NOT GOING. I have to spend the day in the garage and get up at 5...she is a loser and keeps saying "oh come on out for a couple of have to.." blah blah blah blah...Selfish bitch only cares about a big ass turn out...Not that I have the Most important day of my LIFE on sunday...SHEESH...

Well thats not the prollem....

See, she knows Gina is going with...or at least I have mentioned it to her...and that FUCKING BITCH called G and left a message last night and said..."are you gonna come out to jens Birthday saturday?? Its gonna be a blast! Vic is comin!"

Now wait...Gina KNOWS I am not going...and here goes Chantel tryin to FUCK UP my weekend AGAIN...

Well as I say always...


I am calling her on the carpet today. I have HAD IT with her. This stops. I am gonna talk to G first and see what to do. We had talked the last time this happened about just not going out with her anymore and remaining friends...However I am thinking of severing all ties with her. It hasta be a group effort here...

Remember when I said that if anyone fucks up my weekend they will be scheduled to die? Well get the calendar...its starting!

Oh and anyone that knows him...the Jew is cheating on his girlfriend with a chick named Donna...Just wanted to put that out there...he is such a scum...***information sources shall remain nameless***. If anyone Knows Carrie they might outta TELL HER...he cant keep his dick in his pants. Old habits die hard I guess...



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