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4:25 a.m. - April 26, 2004
And the Winner Is....

I was at the nationals all day yesterday and I am burned to a crisp...

Okay lets start at the beginning....

Friday...Gina came down and we went out and had a pretty okay time I think. We went to Pierce Street and the Goat and came home relatively early. She and I made plans for her to come over late afternoon and help me get ready for sunday. She was gonna spend the night and ride there with me and then we were gonna go to Liquid Lounge sunday night. (deep down I knew the LL wouldnt happen cuz I would be tired)

Well She called me FINALLY at 2pm saturday to tell me she had just woke up...was gonna pick up Big Dawg at 630 and they both would be here. I told her that was fine but they were not gonna be bailing out on me early in the day..She was cool with that.

8pm Big Dawg calls me to tell me she never showed or called. She never showed up or called me either and had turned her phone off.

I am beginning to think that there is way too much effort involved in being friends with Gina. She has some serious issues she needs to resolve. I mean I am a flake but hell not like this.

Saturday I worked on Punkin all day...Long ass day.

Then finally the day came. I was up at 4 and out the door by 5 to head to the 9th Annual Z Car West Coast Nationals. There were so many cars this year but the crowd was a lot less as far as just speculators. It was hot as FUCK! There were alot of people there that remembered me from last year. I am kinda glad I went alone. All of the sudden from across the street walks the guy that I was with out there last year!! MIKEY!!! Damn I fucked up last year not hooking up with him. We hung out alot and there was Victor from last year too that remembered me. And in addition I made alot of new friends.

Sammy, Melissa, Michael, Chuey and Lil Shawn showed up to support me and there were a few people from MySpace that came out. However was the real disappointmen are my so called "friends" that didnt call or come out. Esp the people that told me they would. Again I reitterate I need a new group of friends!

Well I did beg for some votes but toward the end of the day when the ceremony started I wasnt that secure with the amount of votes I had AND there were a ton of Z Clubs there with alot of members. I was hoping to at least get third again...

The got to my class and third and second placess went to two guys from a local Z Club...then they announced first place best in class and it was ME AND PUNKIN!!! I was FREAKED OUT. I started Shaking and almost cried. And none of my friends were there to see.

I am so happy that I just cant believe it. I never expected to win anything esp. first place.

There will be a few pics posted as soon as I get this roll used up and scanned. I didnt take as many cuz I was alone most of the day.

Anyways...I am thrilled regardless and I have decided to do the Z Show circuit here in So-Cal for a while. which means I have 3 more shows this year!!

Im so Proud of my Punkin!!!

here is a link form last years show...paste it in your browser



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