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4:52 a.m. - May 03, 2004
The Smitty Date
Back around January 26-ish I went to Canyon Inn with Chantel and met a guy named Smitty..He was there with a guy Chantel Bangs on occation. Well he and I talked and seemed to hit it off but Chantel told me that he was just looking to get laid and she shuffled me out the door, FAST, before I could get him my number. Cest La Vie.

I never saw him the next few times we went out and then all of the sudden I saw him out with this scag that has become a groupie for ELC. No big right? He just wants to get laid anyways.

Well Saturday night Britt and I went to see the guys play at Rockin Taco at a Cinco De Mayo outdoor Concert/Block Party thingy. Guess who is there without the scag? Yep Smitty.

Well we started talking and of course he was a bit buzzed. Well true to form he wanted me to come home with him and I told him no.

Long story short he asked me out yesterday and I said yea...and DIDNT back out (which is my usual MO). He came and got me aroud 330 and we went to Freds in HB, had dinner and some ritas then back to his place to listen to some music etc...

Well He knew what Chantel had said and was very upset about. And to top it off I had a great date. He is 35 which is great, never married and no kids. As a matter of fact he is coming over tonight to have dinner. YAY.

Well I am hopin not to jinx it or anything but its kinda not the norm for me...He is a real estate agent and has a great house and its fuckin CLEAN as hell. He is a rocker but short hair professional, not tats type of guy. Could be an odd mix but ...who knows right?

Okay well thats really all I did ths weekend. Friday I stayed home and saturday...well I took a look at punkin...trying to figger out why she was running water? Where did it go? Im ready to drive again...UGH.

Shit I gotta get ready for work.



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