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11:04 a.m. - May 05, 2004
Drinko De Mayo
Im sitting here at mouth is burning cuz I just ate flamin hot cheetoes...yum but DAMN!

I feel the need to yammer...

Things here bug me and some of it is just regular work bs and some of it is just...stuff...

Like, there is a guy outside my door using the payphone(didnt know they still had those but okay). He is trying to see if there is change in the little coin return...clank clank clank...dude SERIOUSLY, its empty. If the money wasnt there before it aint gonna be there now. Get a cell...get over it.

The weasel (a coworker) just came in and berated me...NOT gonna tolerate THAT I just stopped working on his Bullshit project...

I think I am crappy today.

Havent heard from Smitty...we will see.

I am supposed to meet this guy Rod for a drink. I figger WTF?!? why not right? I dont think it'll be anything but who knows.

I think I am coming close to burn out even tho I have been very slow working the longer days. Damn Alex is working 12-13 hr days...I dont feel too sorry for him cuz he took on all the responsibility and wants to be "the man'...go for it pity here.

I still couldnt get the speakers on my stereo to work. Maybe ill kife some from here somewhere.

OKay well i guess I better at least appear to be busy, even tho I think I am gonna fuck off the entire day. I have a shit attitude towards work today.

So lets go homeys...someone buy me a beer...Im NOT mexican...(cinco de mayos...duh!)



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