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5:05 a.m. - May 06, 2004
Pop In by Pop Tart
Have I said anything this week about being tired? I am fucking tired.

Rod called when he got home. He had to work OT last night and tonight so we have put off our 'date' til later this weekend. Whatever.

I still havent heard from Smitty. I think player is the name of the game. Oh well. No harm no foul. Like I said before I did tell him that I dont like to be smothered.

I broke down and let Pop Tart come over last night. He looked the same. PSYCHO. I totally busted him on dates and events. He tried to tell me his dad died back before the first of the year and I totally corrected him. It was just a few months ago that he told me his pops died...AND, back when i was hanging at his place he and I would watch his sea urchine in his fish tank. He swears he just bought it. DAMN. I told him if he didnt believe me that I have EVERYTHING written down. Moron. Of course he wanted sex... and I didnt give it up. I did score a Fed EX Polo Shirt outta the deal..HA HA HA..He seems to have 'mellowed' a bit and I think the reason he likes me is cuz I dont take his crapola. And lemme tell ya...He is FULL of it. He talks about how intense he asked him who he was trying to or him. He bought this truck that is worse than ANY redneck monster truck. I think that was a reason why he wanted to come by. To show off that idiot mobile. Dude I am from Texas. Where trucks jacked up that high have a purpose. In california where gas prices are 2.50 a gal...NOT OKAY. He does crack me up, thats for sure.

The newest 'Jeff' seems to be all talk too. Frankly with him tho I think it is better off as he is just a wired a bit wrong ya know? I cant put my finger on it but I think he has some serious issues.

I still havent gotten my film from Gina. I dont know why. She is fixin to start getting bombarded with calls and emails and text messages from me til I get my shit back from her. She seriously needs Paxil.

Sammy and the guys are playing at Silkys this weekend. I get paid today but I dont think I am gonna go. I thionk I am gonna chill here. However if I get a date that another thing ya know? RIGHT! HAHAHAHA

Okay off to shower and TRY to wake up.



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