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4:33 a.m. - May 18, 2004
I hate Fat Head
I finally did it. I wrote a letter... a long HR about Fat Head. I spilled the whole deal. And I was so fired up when I got done that when he called and had shitty over tones with me I snapped at him. Well then the migrane onslought...ugh...I just went fucking home and went to bed til like 3. He treats me so shitty. Starting next week I am officially looking for a new job. I dont wanna go back into the hotel biz BUT...I might just hafta.

I came home and downloaded alot of Velvet Revolver. Damn they are good. I did finally realize that KAZAA is fucking up my comouter with all the spyware soon as I get the last few songs I want its going away!

For those of you who dont know who Velvet Revolver...I highly suggest is you liked GnR..pick up this shit...Its got Duff and Slash and Matt from GNR and one guy from Suicial Tendencies...Fuckin ROCKIN!!!It has been eons since a serious, Guitar rockin, no gimick band has emerged from the shadows but these guys mean business...I think I may become a VR FREAK!!!You can so hear the GnR influence...and the vocalist Scott Weiland form STP is incredible. Check out the song called will FLIP OUT! Yea I think I am gonna get VR shit for my walls..

I wasnt going to go to work today but I seriously can not afford to take of no matter how much Fat Head bugs me. So I am gonna out on my game face and pray to the gods he doesnt make it over to my office today. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate him?

Okay so I am off to get ready for hell.



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