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4:52 a.m. - May 19, 2004
Blah Blah Blah
Is it only fuckin wednesday????ARGH!!!!! Besides the Fat Head sucking the life out of me...the week is going so slow.

I am sorry for all those of you I usually talk with thru out the day. Fat head has been in my office throwing up a stink.

I have come to the conculsion I need to get smashed one night this weekend...celebration you see...I get my DL back and Tracy is coming down from canada with Carey and Yea I am gonna go hit it with them I decided.

Ya kow how sometimes it seems like life is spinning out of control I feel like I am on the vverge of a complete spin out for no justified reason. I hate that. I do think however it may be cuz this is a busy weekend and I get to drive again...FINALLY.

Well I ran uber late I guess this is gonna be I dont have alot to report. SOOOOO TTFN!



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