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5:51 a.m. - June 25, 2004
KickiN It!
I am so damn glad its Friday. At the beginning of the week I seriously thought it wouldnt come soon enuf. But here we are huh? I am staying home tonight. I was hurting like a mo fo yesterday and I could not sleep cuz I was so tired. I just wanna chill at home tonight and I am totally cool with it. I think I may go get a couple of flicks.

Tomorrow I think Jill is coming by in the AM for breakfast early. She hasta drop Nicholas off at John Wayne Airport to go to Ohio. Then Sometime Denise and I are supposed to go take some pics. She needs headshots and I just need something cool. Im tired of all the crap I have. Bang Tango is playing at the Pressbox In Anaheim and Jill and I may go to that if Mark is working (and she doesnt make up with that Ass Clown Richard). I know Nick wanted us to come to Marlins to see him play and hang out with Him and Harry and Tim again...OUCH...My liver hurts just thinking about it. Im gonna ease up on the boozing...hahahah

Sunday Im gonna lay around and do alot of nothing and go to Liquid Lounge Sunday night. This week should be good and interesting...Fuckin Smitty emailed and said he would call that he wants to go (Yea Ill hold my Breath) And I would imagine Lance will show up. Jil may or may not go. I need to call Tina and I dunno if Harry and Nick will go or not. Wow I am actually beginning to get to know people there...Kinda cool huh?

Well thats my 'tentative' plans for the weekend. Of course they may change ya know. BUT...regardless it should be a grip of coolness.

Tracy says she should be here the 8th. I am not gonna get all jacked up over it cuz she may not come or she might. But if she does...woooo hooo.

I have been getting text messages from baby Jeff. That relationship, as short as it was, was an Uber Disaster. But he wasnt to be friends and has invited me to come to Vegas and see him..My REAL thoughts? Rebound and he wants to get laid...who cares really. I know I wont see him either. He is a case.

Crazy People are like boomerangs...they always come back...



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