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7:08 a.m. - July 15, 2004
Tony round 2
OMG I woke up late...why? I had company AGAIN!!!!

So I am at work writing here and prolly shold be working. However I hadta get this down while its all freshy...

I came home and started laundry and got on the net. My lovely little Tony came online and wanted to come over so I let him...of course. His friend is coming in town today thru next wednesday then he is going to Texas for a week to see his folks...Of course we will hang when he gets back in the mean time I can rest. AHAHAH. He is soooo yummy...

Drunk mark was at it again last night and was chatting up my friend Kat in Texas...I told her he is mental. I think she figgered it out. Idiot.

Looks like Lorraine is coming with tracy to visit. Thats cool cuz itll give T someone to hang with while I am at work. I was kinda worried about what she would be doing while I am at work with no car or anything.

So Anyways I just wanted to jot shit down before I started for the day....ill be back ontrack tomorrow. I think I need vitamins.



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