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4:47 a.m. - July 20, 2004
Ryan? Hmmmmm
Tuesday....yesterday kinda sucked ass....this project I am working on at work is really a pain in the ass, but hey. The big boss was an ass to me yesterday tellin me he hadnt approved me to work on saturday. I need to go in again this weekend too so we will see. Ill ask him thursday.

I have met yet another interesting guy on MySpace...this time tho there is money making potential as he thinks the Nasty Pants website can get back up and running and he is a web genius...PLUS..he knows some of these girls that are semi-porn/pimpettes on there that would sell their shit...hmmmm....Imma talk him to coming to OC this weekend and having a meeting....hmmmmmm...His name is Ryan...Here he is....

Nothing from Tony in a couple of days but that is to be expected.

I am rolling into a way busy week that may be metally exhausing and I am not going out this weekend for sure. I Mean clubbing ans shit. I am on this fuckin diet and its killing me. So If I go anywhere I am gonna see if Ryan wants to come to OC and hang at the goat and them maybe go to beach with Steven but thats about it.

Okay well Im gonna get ready for work..I was later than I wanted to be yesterday and I gotta gas up this am...I got a screw off problem when it comes to getting my things done....




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