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5:50 a.m. - August 11, 2004
Who is FUCKIN calln me?
Im getting another fucking sty....I hate the computer for fucking up my eye....

I went to dinner with Graham last night. He is so fuckin funny and we talked about how we have been friends for close to 5 yrs and only slept together once...ahahaha...Opportunity did arise last night and he invited me back to his room...TURMOIL...I went up..he didnt answer the door (I didnt knock loud) and I exited stage left...did I really not wanna? Dunno...Was I more concerned with Watching Nip/Tuck? Maybe....(thats fucked up) I guess in all honesty he seems more like a brother to me. Funny thing is I had thought about it all day long. Ima idiot...

So Its wednesday...and I am gonna come home and chill, do my nails and have a facial. It'll be good. I may hafta go get Tracy tomorrow and bring her to OC...I dunno. From the sounds of it people are starting to flake on her and the new of her being in LA is wearing off. It sucks when the party ends...but baby it doesnt go on everyday...normal people work and shit. However you can only live with people for so long before they start wanting something from you in return...its called free loading and it just doesnt happen.

I got a fuckin text message from a phone number I dont KNOW...I fuckin HATE that...HATE HATE HATE. Then I called the number and it went to voicemail and the idiot doesnt have a message on it...FUCKERS!!!!!

Okay and on that semi rant I am signing off to go shower..I gotta stop and get some atkins candy before work...

Peace Fuckers!



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