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6:13 a.m. - September 14, 2004
So there isnt alot to report today. Im ready to go...mentally I mean.

I plan on chillin and stayin home over the next few weeks and getting shit cleaned up. I figger I may take the jaunt to LA sometime after the first of the month...but hell I have been known to just disappear too...who knows.

I am speaking with some pretty cool cats in OKC...I dont know that they will be forever friends but it will help soften the blow to the move.

I gotta find a job. I have applied for a shit load but nothing certain yet. Money is tight and I really need Russ here to talk to me about what he is gonna do.

Okay well on that note I am running late as usual and I have a shitload to to at work so I guess I better get my rear in gear...




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