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5:59 a.m. - October 11, 2004
Recap...I Guess
Well I think this week things should be back on track like normal. I have nothing planned and just gotta get all the damn packing finished. Icant believe I will be gone in 2 weeks and in oklahoma. CRIMANY!

The last week was hellacious. Fun but DAYUM......

Barrys bachelor party was fun. A good time was had by all. Fucked up thing is out here the dancers at the strip bar cant come get money from you with their tops off. WTF? Wierd.

I went up to LA saturday night to hang out for one last time at the Bow. brandy came in from Boston and Jill and her new man followed us up there. it was fun as shit and we got doen like throw rugs. I did however find out dome disconcerning news. Fuckin Darrell has a girlfriend. THAT explains why he NEVER came out and partied with us and WHY he would just disappear after a show. I am really pissed that he didnt tell me but oh well Im the fuckin fool. His nightmare friend Jay told Brandy that he didnt lie to me cuz he never asked...EGAD. What the fuck is up with stupid men anyways?

I did get to meet the legendary "DEV". he is a guy Tracy was having a think got. He was wicked cool and alot of fun. I can see where tracy was all amped up for him. However he wasnt into her. Oh well.

So Brandy and I went and met Mark at tyhe Corner Office for football to watch the Vikings win YAY!!!! She met some guy and invited him to come out to Liquid Lounge last night. he brought his boss with him who was this 44 yr old guy that was trying so hard to chat me up and we had less than ZERO in common. He was always talkign about his stupid CD collection and tried over and over to rope me intoa stupi debate about Fottball. I told him I didnt wana talk about football and he went on and on and on til finally I hadta get up and walk away from him before I killed his lame ass. All this time Brandy is out on the patio chattin up her guy. Whatever. This GORGEOUS guy came in and was hanging. I never talked to him I just coveted him from afar. Probabky the hiottest guy I have seen come into LL since I have been going there (with the exception of the ones I have taken there) I was gonna go buy him a drink but I couldnt lure him to the bar. Oh well no sense in thinking about it.
Brandy ended up shacking up with that guy last night and didnt come back to my house. What is it about gals coming to stay with me and then hookin up? Im supposed tot take her to the train staion at lunch. Who the hell knows if she will even show back up here??? Ahahahah

I recieved interesting correspondence from the Jew last week. He was checking in and saying hi. Kinda wierd after all this time. He had mentioned comin up here and having a drink sunday but that didnt happen. Its prolly a good thing as EVERYONE says I dont need to see him before I leave. I was thinking closure but ya know they may all be right.

On that note im gonna close this. I may let Daniel take me out this week but for the most part I am gonna stay home and tie up the rest of my loose ends and get this show on the road.

Peace Fuckers!



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