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7:57 p.m. - November 15, 2004
A Brief Rundown.
Man I know its been a week since I have written..And honestly not alot has been going on...I am continuing trying to get a routine. Its not as easy as it seems cuz I really dont have any time for myself. Its the holidays and I am in demand. I figger ill just go with the flow til new years then its time for ME.

Russ finally got a job..not on is own I might add but with the help of dad....fucker cant even remember to get up and take a shower without someone reminding him...Makes me crazy. I prolly shoulda left him behind...I dunno. At least Im not gonna hafta kick him out and thats a bonus. I was worried there for a bit that I might hafta be paying all the bills alone. He isnt gonna be makin very much $$ tho. But he has no real life to speak of so hmmmmm.

The job is good...Its so different from APW/..I actually hafta work and thats nuts...I am so tired from sitting there thinking all day and working on the puter...when I get home the last thing I wanna see is a keyboard..thats another reason I have been so lax about getting with it in the am and writing. However I am gonna get on the stick as I need to keep track of the goings on ya know...hell if for no other reason thn so I have some sort of timeline.

As far as men...I have lost Bruce..I have no idea where he is and havent talked to him in over a week...jeremy is around but kinda a flakey player...I met an interesting character at the gas station...I dont think anything will come of that...I dunno maybe Im lookin way harder than i need to be...

Okay well on that note I am to bed to chill and a little CSI amnd snooze...

I do wanna say to all those that I miss...Trudi..Vito...Mark...Cyanide...Jill, Chantelly, Sammy, Britt, Matty... Denise...the goat hill....I love all yall so much and Im sorry I havent been more avail...I will soon dont forget about me...



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