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5:51 a.m. - November 22, 2004
Fuckin Illin
Cold..I have one and Im hatin it...

well at least im getting it outta the way and Ill be fine for the rest of the wonter festivities.

I was worried about Bruce cuz I hadnt heard form him, however he showed up here tuesday of last week...he had been in chicago then had a car wreck...Ironically he bought apathfinder from dad on! I adore him.

I went out friday night to Green Door to see Flametrick Subs and met up with the crew there...Brandy from work went with me..she is fine but just a smidge annoying. From now on Brandy M takes her own car. Mike ended up coming over after the club closed and stayed til like 5 am...I dig him but I didnt hear from him yesterday so I dont know whats up.

I went with mom to Dallas to get Nanny saturday. Taryn tagged along and other than me having no voice at all it was pretty okay...Mom was cool and the grandmothers were suprised as hell that Taryn and I went along.

Yesterday Craig downstairs had a brunch and it was fun but I was so run down from this cold I called it a day come 3 pm and went to bed...slept til this am..Im feelin a bit better...Ill vitamin c up and ill be good to go I think.

This week is a short on at work we are off thursday and friday. I am gong to go spent the nigh at the farm wednesday night and wither come home thursday or friday im not sure yet. Alot depends on if I get the daewoo or not...

Russ finally got a job...he is working at 7-11 clerking...I couldnt do a job like that but he seems to like it...whatever he just needs to get some money and get it NOW!

So anyways Im off to get ready for work and Start the week...




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