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8:59 a.m. - December 20, 2004
Weekend Wrapup
Im sick..I have been sick for weeks...just somedays I am not as sick as others.

I didnt go to work last friday cuz I was seriously thinkin my sinus' were going to blow the fuck UP.

So My weekend was 1/4 shitty as I didnt feel all that great and have had little to no interface at present.

Friday I stayed home from work. Went about noonish to get my check and then Craig took me to walmart for about an hour. I came home and he and I watched TV and and ate greek salads.

Saturday I worked for pops and then went to dinner with Craig and Russ and Brandy M. It was okay I still felt like shit and we were supposed to go see a band play and I was supposed to go to my boss' party...but I didnt do either..we just sat at Craigs and DRANK...of course...

Then yesterday I spent the day day at the farm with my sis riding ponies. We got this new horse Nick. He is a retired police horse and he is HUGE and white and the coolest horse ever in the world. Kel and I hadnt had so much fun riding like that in a really long time. We musta rode for at least 3 hours. It was a blast.

I am at work today and feeling much better. I think Jack Daniels was the cure for my infucktion.



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