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10:13 a.m. - January 05, 2005
Ice Storm, No Heat & A Russ Rant
I always say when it rains it pours..but here in okla-fuckin-homa when it rains its really ICE...Rant Time

I woke up today to an inch and a half on my windshield...thank the gods the ice isnt on Punkin its on Woo and things are okay there....

So see how this works...MONDAY..Russ met me at the front door after work to inform me that there was no gas....okay lets back up. I told Russ before we left Cali that he was to get all the utilities turned on at the house. Russ can not do ANYTHING right when left to his own devices. So since that, yea we have electricity and we have cable (but no phone because he decided to go back later and add the tele to the cable package and they want a deposit now...HUH? okay whatever) Then when he called the gas company they told him there was no disconnect on he just told me that and (yea I half listened to him) I figgered he would work it out. Did he? NOPE. Did I ask? NOPE and lemme tell ya why...cuz he is 35 fuckin years old and should be able to find his way around his own ass. BUT NO. SO Rice Properties was getting the bill to our gas. And being the mental giant Laura Rice is, it didnt get paid so with no further ado...Oklahoma Natural Gas cut us off the day before the fuckin ICE STORM.

Now I wonder why Russ didnt call the Gas company? CUZ HE CANT FIGGER OUT ANYTHING. So I did but the problem was we didnt have any heat or hot water til yesterday. Now when the gas company here makes an appointment they arent nice like the cable company and give you a 5 hour window...they take your whole fuckin DAY! So does Russ take the day off to stay home and wait for the gas people? NO...but thats okay for a number of reasons...FIRST he wouldnt know what to tell them and second he doesnt know where anything is (heaterwise) and third he prolly woulda blown up the house. So I took the fuckin day off and froze my ass off to wait on the redneck gas man to come fix it. FINALLY it was done but the pilot on the water heater wouldnt stay lit. Thank the gods for Craig who did it for me ...

So here I am at work, Tuesday...There is prolly 3 inches of ice on the ground and more on my car. I really should go home but what would I be doing there? I mean really. I called Russ and woke him up and told him NOT to wait til 230 to go out to leave for work. He was time ill let him suffer.

I am really sick and tired of thinking for him. Hell he even asked me to send him bill amount notices. Guy has no clue. When I decide to live alone he is screwed...

I dont mean to be so hard on him but if Im not he would never bathe, not have a job, prolly live in squalor...someone hasta be the bitch ya know?

Okay well on that note Im gonna get back to working and shit....and hope like all hell i can get my ass home tonight...FUCKIN HELL.



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