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8:17 a.m. - January 06, 2005
Date Night? Who Knows
Well another day of sub zero temps..Okay thats an exaggeration but it is fuckin 11 degrees outside. At least it isnt falling from the sky today. As a matter of fact it is SUNNY! Yea its only supposed to get up into the 30's but hey...thats better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick right?


Nothing exciting to report really...I am supposed to have a date with Keith tonight...I didnt talk to him yesterday to I guess if he stands me up, Craig and I have Shrimp Creole ALONE. However....if he does show...Russ better be In-Fuckin-Visible.

I did decide last night that I am gonna tell Russ that I wanna live alone in 2006. I think I am too old to live with a roomie and way to old to be a babysitter for his ass... Also I am thinking that hopefully ill be in some sort of something in the next year...who the hell knows...

So I am..sitting here at work wondering usual no real question just the daily mental patient stare...hmmmm

Im just so bored...and not bored by choice and I think that is what the problem is...Im bored cuz I aint got nothin to do. Hell even Law and Order isnt any good anymore since Lenny died...FUCK THAT.

So Im gonna sit here and pray to the gods that Keith comes over tonight and I at least have a little fun...Tulsa and I split completely even as friends..he is a mental case and has little hands...kinda freaky..I wasnt into him at all anyways...and the guy in Del City is a mirror image of tulsa (the way he acts) sappy and whiny and all this "i love you and i miss you" crap..dude hasnt even met ending this now...the only difference between tulsa and del city is that del city is tall and thin while tulsa was short and fat (with little freaky hands)...

On that note..Im OUT...

Peace Fuckers....

Oh...Christine...I took that fuckin test...FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(kidding but seriously...fuck off)



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