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8:27 a.m. - February 10, 2005
Spells and Men and Stuff
Last week I did a love spell. It worked...AGAIN.

I need to learn to focus cuz SHIT. Last time I did this kinda thing I wanted the Jew back...So like a freak I think his name and every man I met for the next few weeks had the same name...convienent? sure. Confusing? Yes.

I need to learn to focus my energies so they work better tho. I have men beginning to come out of the woodwork. Its Freaky Deaky...the guy Lindsay introduced me to has already proposed...I am cutting that one loose now. I have some comedian guy from Atlanta here that wants to hang out til tuesday..Mike from Green Door wants to see me. Shit! and all I wanna do is get my fuckin chores done.

So tonight I may go home and do a load of laundry...go tan...stop by mikes...then maybe go see the comedian...If I can I will put off the comedian til this weekend...cripes timing is OFF!!!

Brandy is in Boston for a few weeks which is good...for me and for her. I need a break and she needs to figure it all out NOW. Dad has me working at home loading leases and finance stuff. I gotta get that done ASAP and get him off my ass. I need some time for me. I also told Mom I would go with her to take Teeto and Beep to an outing of some sort on Saturday. Shit I am ready for sunday now!



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